I2Cure BioShield Antiseptic Lotion
An easy, single-use broad-spectrum antimicrobial that provides you the protection of iodine against COVID-19 for 12 hours at a stretch. While other disinfectants make your skin dry, I2Cure hydrates and nourishes your skin and keeps you and everyone around you safe from germs around the clock.

The Story of a Revolutionary Antimicrobial

At I2Cure, we have a single objective: winning the war against microbes. We are constantly striving towards formulating solutions that evolve to get the edge over our faceless, microscopic enemies. What differentiates the I2Cure from other quick-fix topical disinfectants is that rather than protecting your skin from the outside, it protects your skin from within. The broad spectrum of its biocidal activity keeps you protected from a wide range of diseases such as COVID-19 and tuberculosis.

A Fool-proof Protection
Here’s what sets I2Cure apart from other topical disinfectants:
A 360-degree Protective Shield
I2Cure isn’t a run-of-the-mill disinfectant. Its active agent is benign free molecular iodine, making it absolutely safe, and recommended, to be used in any of these ways:

Rub it on your hands

The molecular iodine penetrates your skin and releases slowly back to its surface in the form of a colorless gas that kill viral, bacterial, and fungal load on your hands for 12 hours

Rub it on your nostrils

I2Cure BioShield Antiseptic Lotion is odorless. Rubbing it around your nostrils protects your respiratory tract from incoming viruses and bacteria like COVID-19 and tuberculosis without causing any discomfort for your olfactory sense.

Rub it on your lips

Rub the I2Cure BioShield Antiseptic Lotion on your hands and then your lips to protect one of the most vulnerable entry points of germs and microbes. Here too, the iodine protects you. I2Cure has no taste or smell. So, you won’t even know it’s there.

I2Cure comes from the mind of Dr Jack Kessler

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I2Cure BioShield Antiseptic Lotion

An iodine-based 12-hour broad-spectrum antimicrobial protection for you and everyone around you

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